ESG in Czech organisations


  • Petra Koudelková Fakulta sociálních věd, Univerzita Karlova
  • David Klimeš Institute of Communication Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University


ESG, sustainability, responsibility, non-financial reporting, SMEs, CSR


The paper focuses on ESG and sustainability in general in Czech organisation. The reason is that ESG is very important topic for investors and government. The next reason is that, in the near future, companies will be required to make a non-financial report. We therefore looked at how organisations perceive sustainability, how familiar they are with ESG issues and whether they are already integrating ESG into their strategies. Organisations that are members of the Corporate Social Responsibility Association were selected for the survey. The results show that Czech organisations are open in adopting sustainability. However, Czech organisations lag behind in implementing ESG strategies, but there is space for improvement.