Space insurance – Market review oriented on the main factors influencing optional demand for the insurance cover in 2021


  • Petra Tisová Vysoká škoda ekonomická v Praze, Fakulta Financí a účetnictví, Katedra bankovnictví a pojišťovnictví
  • Jaroslav Daňhel


Spacecraft, Insurance demand, Insurance cover


The insurance business oriented on the space activities´ issues is very specific and deserves individual approach. As the insurers take over the risks from their clients and need to be careful, so that the underwriting results remain predictable and stabilized, the main goal of this paper is to discuss the selected factors (ownership of the spacecraft, value of the spacecraft, loss history, reliability of the launch vehicles, bank involvement, commencing stage of the company, joint venture or other forms of collaboration, companies without sizeable financial and/or technical background, conditioned payment after successfully completed mission in the relationship between government and commercial companies), which have the potential to influence the demand for the space insurance cover in 2021.