Recent Dynamics of Commodity Prices: Gas, Emission Allowances and Coal


  • Jakub Zezula Department of International Business, Faculty of International Relations, Prague University of Business


commodity markets, power prices, gas markets, commodity price volatility, emission allowances price, coal prices


Commodity prices have experience turbulent period recently due to different factors. This study analyzes movements in prices of gas, emission allowances and coal within the past two years and explains potential factors that stood behind. Gas prices increased by 1 400 % during this period mostly due to low storage fillings in Europe and problematic imports from Russia. Emission allowance prices almost tripled mostly as a result of energy transition in Europe and expectation connected to the process. Coal prices quadruplet in 2021 mostly because of shortages in supply. All these factors had impact on power prices that increased accordingly with a significant influence of gas and emission allowance prices.