A Value Proposition Canvas of Interim Management Providers in the Czech Republic


  • Daniel Posolda Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management
  • Veronika Bumberová VUT-Brno, Fakulta Podnikatelská


UVP Canvas, interim management providers, customer’s segments, Czech Republic


In a difficult situation, more entities are turning to interim managers for help as a lesser-known alternative to the standard management of the company by regular managers. Interim management is still a very young discipline in the Czech Republic, which is only beginning to develop and become popular. The goal is to map the nature of the key focus of segments of companies operating in this area and to identify the content of the needs and requirements of customers in the area of establishing possible cooperation. The secondary research approach is based on the method of content qualitative and quantitative analysis, which examines 60 customer references within the framework of interim management service providers in the Czech Republic. The results show that the main customer segment is the manufacturing industry and wholesale and retail trade. Following the difficulties faced by customers, the areas of business processes, business strategy and HR are most often represented. On the contrary, to the expected gains, customers demand long-term practice and experience and an analysis of the client’s current situation and problem, and an emphasis on the credibility and compliance of the hired manager. Interim management service providers try to respond to this situation either by offering a wide portfolio of interim managers or cooperation with experts with the aim of rapid provisioning and deployment and independent audit of the client’s situation. To increase trust and credibility, providers try to offer warranty and guarantee policies.